New Overstock Products

Southland Tool’s new overstock products have been cut to bargain prices for inventory management, and we want to pass the savings on to you! More items will be added as we discover more deals for our customers.

Grenade Nozzle

New Overstock Products

These heavy duty standard flow grenade penetrator nozzles are set up for mainline work. Each nozzle is engineered to shoot through blocked main lines, and will stay at the bottom of the pipe while breaking up obstructions.

We have two of the ¾-inch 64-E grenade nozzles and three 1-inch 64-F nozzles. Both have front jets and either five or six rear jets. These nozzles have never been used and are ready to go.

Part no. 64-E and 64-F
¾-inch: $60.00 each
1-inch: $85.00 each

Tungsten Carbide Sand Nozzle

New Overstock ProductsWe have purchased 25 of these one-inch nozzles as surplus, and they have never been used. Our gain is your gain! This nozzle is perfect for blasting through sand, dirt and gravel build-up, and blasting particles back to the manhole in 4-inch to 18-inch pipes. Rated for 60 gpm and 2000 psi.

These nozzles are manufactured using high grade, heat-treated steel, and coupled with a zinc oxide coating. Each nozzle has six rear 15-degree replaceable tungsten steel carbide orifices, and two outward-angle front-replaceable tungsten steel carbide orifices. Calibration of the water jets will help maintain top flow for the life of the nozzle.

Part no. U60307BFB
Price: $50.00 each, or $40.00 each if you buy all 25!

Stainless Steel Penetrator Nozzle

New Overstock ProductsWe have 65 stainless steel penetrator nozzles, designed to penetrate into smallest opening possible. The five rear jet orifices are angled at 35 degrees to give a wider water blast effect. A forward orifice helps to open stubborn stoppages. They are all rated for 65 gpm and 2000-2500 psi.

Part no.  WJ-4
Price: $35.00 each.

Elbow For Vactor Machines

New Overstock ProductsOur prices for these steel replacement elbows for Vactor-style machines will not be matched by our competitors. The elbows are standard duty with flange ends. Take advantage of this overstock!

Part no. U27771
Cost: $300.00 each

Short 10-Legged Proofer

New Overstock ProductsWe have 25 of the S-5.5-inch short 10-legged proofers in stock. Regular price is $225.00, but we are offering them for just $95.00 each. Buy the whole lot and receive free freight! Individual proofers are also available as you wish. Every proofer is made with tough schedule 80 pipe, and 10 rails that flex if you get into trouble. These are not replaceable skids, as they are welded on one end.

These keep your nozzle absolutely in the middle of a six-inch pipe. If you can get the “proofer” down the line, you have “proof” that it is clean.

ID: S-5.5
Price: $95.00 each
**Free freight if you purchase all 25!

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