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New Product: Lower Manhole Easement Roller

What do you do when you have a job that is impossible to accomplish? Hopefully you've learned by now to just call Southland Tool. Because if it can be done, we're doing it. And if it can't be done, well...we're also doing it. We boldly go where no sewer tool has gone before. Before you say…

The Best Debris Catcher for Sewer Jetting and Vacuuming

We've said it a billion times before...but that doesn't make it any less true: Southland Tool is all about making your job easier. That means our products save you money AND time. You can work more efficiently, use less water and energy, save yourself repeat trips to do the same job, and go home at the…

Product Highlight: Carbide Tipped Concave Root Saws

This week we are highlighting our Carbide Tipped Concave Root Saws. Check out our video: ​ These saws are super strong and sharp, perfect where continuous use is required to cut through tough grease and stubborn roots. Every 5th tooth on the front and every 10th tooth on the back has a carbide tooth welded…

Product Highlight: The Pook

The Ultimate Manhole Hook - the Pook As always, Southland Tool is dedicated to providing the most innovative, creative sewer tools to address all your needs. We are always brainstorming new products and ways to improve on the old ones - and we listen to our customers. As you inform us of problems and challenges…

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