Meet the Founder

We provide High Quality, Specialized Sewer Cleaning Tools for cities through a network of sales distributors across the country.

David Pryor


The founder Mr. David Pryor has over 30 years of experience in the design, marketing and manufacturing of Sewer Cleaning equipment for the sewer and waste water systems in your city. He has recently developed 2 new items so please look at the New Products Page.


Our Line of "Puma Tools" reflect the Strength to endure, Agility to fit the job needed and Quickness in delivery of  the final product.   All of these are characteristics of  the Puma or mountain lion, native to the foothills of Southern California, just miles from our factory.


We are always looking for ways to solve your special cleaning or problem project. Just give us a call to discuss.


New Idea Corner

We love to try something new and that involves you and your customer. Have your heard of a special application, problem or situation that your customer has described to you but you can't pick a tool for it?    We would love the opportunity to discuss this application and come up with some drawings and maybe a prototype. We send to you and see to this item does what it's supposed to.   Afterwards, who knows, we may include the item into our tool line and name it after you!


Adjustable Top Manhole Roller

This Top Manhole Roller is unique in that it has two opposing clamps that grab the manhole ring from underneath. Since the roller is adjustable you can extend the clamps and create a fixed, in place roller that won’t “flip out.” We see this as a safety improvement in addition to a new and innovative top manhole roller.




Puma Tools Product Stand

We make a nice stand to display the "PUMA" tool line at your trade show.   This stand is made of heavy steel and holds 4 poles and associated tools on top.   This saves space and allows you to display the poles connected to the tools you choose.   Below is an example of this handy item for your next show.

Crown Reducer

This reduced crown nozzle attaches to the end of a typical 8” vacuum tube.   It tapers down to 5.5” to suck up debris in smaller inverts where a normal crown nozzle won’t fit.