8” x 6” Hydro-Excavator Reducer Cuff

8” x 6” Hydro-Excavator Reducer Cuff

8” X 6” Hydro-Excavator Reducer Cuff



This solves a common problem when using your 8” combo suction machine for hydro-excavation with your hi-pressure wand. You can start digging and potholing and then run into large rocks and bricks and large diameter material that will suck up into your 8” lines and get stuck in the top mounted elbow or in the horizontal hose or telescopic extensions.   This blocked debris will cut off suction flow and start to overheat your pump.   Then you must shut down the job, disassemble you tubes and locate the blockage in the 8” lines and get it out.  This takes time with no assurance that it won’t happen again.    The 8” x 6” Hydro Excavator Reducer Cuff attaches to your 8” flat flange but then reduces to a 6” steel pipe with a 6” Kanaflex 180 AR hose bolted to it.  This allows you to dig and not damage utility lines but most of all you cannot suck up anything larger than 6” so you eliminate the chance of mucking up your suction lines.  Easy to store at just 10” lbs. and only 17” tall.

*With Vactor® Flat Flange

Part No. - RCUFF8XFF

List Price: $350.00


*Also available with a "Camel" Female End.

Part No. - RCUFF8CF

List Price: $365.00


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