ACME Thread Adapter for Fibergalss Poles
ACME Thread Adapter for Fiberglass Poles

ACME Thread Adapter for Fiberglass Poles



For all of you out there that use our quick connect fiberglass poles everyday here is a very handy adapter that will allow you to connect your Southland Tool quick connect fiberglass poles to any tool with an ACME type thread. This will give you extra versatility in your day to day operations since there are attachments that use this thread. Now you can use these to extend out as far as your poles will take you. The ACME Thread is used on brooms, window squeegees, mops, brushes, camera equipment, paint rollers, scrapers and cement trowels etc…

You can use your poles with cleaning brushes for washing down your trucks and getting the grime off. Good for trash trucks washing and brushing and sewer machine maintenance.


Product Number : MPA-X-ACME