Complete No.5 Set

Complete No.5 Set



17 each P5-13 (1/4” x 6’ rods), 1 each of P5-1 Rod Frame, 1 each of P5- 2 2” Corkscrew, 1 each of P5-3 4” Double Corkscrew, 1 each of P5-4 4” Corkscrew, 1 each of P5-5-3 3” Root Cutter, 1 each of P5-6 Spear Head, 1 each of P5-7 Pick-Up Tool, 1 Each of P5-8 Assembly Tool, 1 each of P5-9 Electric Drill Adapter, 1 each of P5-10 Turning, Handle.
Add “B” to any tool above for a pig tail with a “B” nut.

Product Number : P-5SET

P5-13 NO. 5 PLUMBERS RODS 1/4" X 6' LONG

P5-1 Rod Frame for no. 5 Rods

P5-2 2" Round Wire Coiled corkscrew

P5-3 3" Double Round Wire Coiled corkscrew

P5-4 4" Round Wire Coiled corkscrew P5-5-2 2" Root Cutter with Spade blade

P5-5-3 3" Root Cutter with Spade Blade

P5-5-4 4" Root Cutter with Spade Blade

P5-6 2" spear head with coiled pig tail

P5-7 Pick-up tool with coiled pig tail

P5-8 Assembly tool for no. 5 rods

P5-9 Electric Drill adapter

P5-10 Pull out turning handle