S950 Donut Front Rear Skid
S950-108 Donut Front Skid
S950-109 Donut Rear Skid
S950 Motor with Donut Skids mounted
S950 Motor with Donut Skids mounted (1)
Donut Front & Rear Skid

Donut Front & Rear Skid

Front / Rear Donut Skid for Hydraulic Motor


These are the cast steel Front/Rear donut skid that attached to the front of rear of your hydraulic motor. Donut Front Skid has 4 bolt holes and Donut Rear Skid has 2 bolt holes. These are hard steel and very durable. They will protect your motor as it goes down the sewer. Many users love these skids and never take them off.

Product Number

  • Donut Front Skid : S950-108
  • Donut Rear Skid : S950-109