go pro safety shutter vacuum nozzle
Go-Pro Safety Shutter Vacuum Nozzle

Go-Pro Safety Shutter Vacuum Nozzle



The Go-Pro Safety Shutter Vacuum Nozzle is an innovative tested and proven solution to an everyday industrial problem. This patent (pending) product was designed with the safety of the Vacuum Machine operator in mind. Anyone who has worked with this type of vacuum equipment understands how dangerous it can be.

Nothing makes you feel more helpless than that moment when you are “stuck on the end of the hose and there is nothing you can do about it”.

It is a very painful and traumatizing experience, and is impossible to dislodge oneself without the help of another individual. The GO-PRO Safety Shutter Vacuum Nozzle puts the control solely into the hands of the individual operating the end of the hose, and is designed to instantly release vacuum with the push of a lever; instead of only relying on someone else to turn it off or pull a rope.

This lightweight product has the added advantage of being very versatile, and was originally designed for small spaces and tank cleaning. It allows you to change attachments (much like a standard at home vacuum cleaner) to better adapt to the material you are trying to remove. It’s easily detachable tri-pod design allows the product to stand on its own, granting hands free operation. The shutter design allows the operator to regulate air flow as needed to better control the material entering the hose. Instead of the “norm” i.e. a broom stick with duct tape being combined as one, (see photo below) the Safety Shutter Vacuum Nozzle is designed for 4″ and 6″ flex hose to easily attach to the machined end with a band clamp. This allows for near effortless maneuverability due to the hose and nozzle being able to rotate independently of each other. Though the Safety Shutter Vacuum Nozzle was created for small spaces, it has evolved with the added advantage of an easily detachable handle, for open space cleaning.



Open PDF: Go-Pro Safety Shutter Vacuum Nozzle

Go-Pro Shutter Safety Nozzle

duct-tape-vacuum hoseGo-Pro Safety Shutter Vacuum Nozzle