Proofer with 10 Replaceable Skids
Proofer with 10 Replaceable Skids

Proofer with 10 Replaceable Skids



Proofers are absolutely one of the best tools for your jetting customers. These proofers are nozzle extensions that “proof” the line.

What does that mean? If the proofer goes through the line you can be assured that it is clean. These skids showcase ten evenly spaced running skids made of ¼ inch spring steel. If the proofer encounters a problem it will collapse so you can be assured you won't get stuck and you can pull back. If the tool goes through, you know the line is clean, void of protruding taps or other obstructions. These are standard operating procedure tools for many municipalities.

We additionally offer the short style. With this skid, one side is welded in place but still flexible and is collapsable in the front, which allows a shorter overall length. For those that want standard length and the ability to replace the skids at a later date, we offer the longer removable variety.

Comes in ¾ inch and 1 inch and from sizes 4-24 inch or bigger upon request. We size to fit your line and are available in ½ inch increments.

Short proofers are S-5, S-6.5 and so on. Replaceable side proofer are L-6 and so on.

Item IDs:

Short 10 Leg Proofer
S-6            6"
S-7.5       7.5"
S-8           8"
S-9.5       9.5"
S-10        10"
S-11.5    11.5"
S-12        12"
S-15        15"
S-18        18"

Long 10 Leg Proofer
L-6           6"
L-7.5       7.5"
L-8           8"
L-9.5       9.5"
L-10        10"
L-11.5    11.5"
L-12         12"
L-15         15"
L-18         18"