segmented root saws
Segmented Welded Arbor Saws

Segmented Welded Arbor Saws



Segmented Welded Arbor Saws have been around for years and have been known as a proven product that is preferred by many cities. They are strong heavy duty Root/Sewer saws with segmented concave sections along a steel band that covers the full circumference of the pipe size needed. At the moment we are making them in 15”, 18”, 21” and 24” inch. Please call or e-mail for list prices.

These saw are made with a 3/16” thick round band and saw segments. The 3 internal support arms are angled back as to not interfere with initial cutting and ripping and have bolted on flat saw segments too. The center hub is 1” for your hydraulic root cutter motors.


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