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Sewer Cleaning Instpection Mirror
Sewer Inspection Mirrors

Sewer Inspection Mirrors



Southland Tool is continually updating its extensive line of products that make your sewer cleaning job easier and customers happier.


Since many of your orders include our poles and multiples of tools we just added another tool for the tool box.


 All of these will connect to our full line of fiberglass or aluminum poles with the quick connect fittings. The mirror coupling has an articulating steel connector that clips right into our fiberglass poles. It’s so easy! Each mirror comes complete with a soft pad protection cover with Velcro closures already included.


Our lightweight  inspection mirrors are designed for many uses such as Sewer and Septic Inspection, Home, Plumbing and hard to get to areas. Even security and forestry personnel will find them very useful. These mirrors allow you to safely inspect hard-to-access areas.  Benefits are….

  • Lightweight Construction
  • 1/8 in. Super Clear Acrylic andSwivels 180 Degrees
  • 3 sizes of mirrors available.
  • Fiberglass Extension and telescopic Poles Available to whatever length you need.
  • Padded protection cover for protection.


Product Number:

IMR-1   4” X 6” Sewer Mirror Complete with padded cover with Velcro closure.

IMR-2   6” X 6” Sewer Mirror  Complete with padded cover with Velcro closure.

IMR-3   8” X 10” Sewer Mirror Complete with padded cover with Velcro closure.