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Introducing the ST-PRO CAM. First Sewer Camera Nozzle that fits every budget. Good for 6” and up! Self-Leveling. Now every jetter can have have one, full time! Easy to use and easy on the budget.



Southland Tool presents the ST-PRO CAM Video nozzle fills a void greatly needed in the pipeline inspection industry. Because of its compact design, quality construction and affordable price, any city can now have one on every truck. Review footage on your phone after recording.

Just think, clean a line, and verify its condition, without waiting. Provides exceptional and affordable 4K or 1080p viewing capabilities. The ST-PRO CAM will show the root cause of blockages and backups. Features a Waterproof Camera case and Zinc Plated body and thrust nozzle.

This unit can be ordered for 1", ¾" or ½" hose.  If YOU NEED TO GO BIGGER,  you can buy a set of adjustable wheeled skids for 10"- 12"  or even 15" to 18".

We want you to be aware that this is blind viewing, so you turn on the camera, send it down the line and let it video tape a section of sewer. Once retrieved you  can view it on your Phone or tablet via the app via blue tooth connectivity. You can also download the video and archive it for future reference onto your computer.

This  ST-PRO Camera gives all users the ability inspect sewer manhole in real time with a set of poles and our Fiberglass pole attachment. You also have the ability to mark concern points on the video via the app.

Added bonus. Even if you don't have a jetter this system can be pushed with our sewer rods.

Please click on the link below for a sample. Please take a look at the following link for some footage:

Check out these INCLUDED Features:

  • Self leveling camera GO-PRO 7 CAMERA. Hi-Tech Stabilized
  • Stainless Steel camera enclosure
  • 6" to 8" adjustable skids and Nylon wheels (available to 18”)
  • Mini Sdi Card and Card reader, App readable
  • Rear 1" thrust nozzle with 8 jets (plugs included for lower gpms.
  • 3 each of adjustable 1600 lumen LEDS, 3 extra batteries included
  • 3 hour run time, Wi-Fi integrated wireless downloadable to phone app

Sewer Camera Fiberglass Pole AdapterWe offer you the opportunity to attach to our fiberglass poles with the FPA-1. Evaluate sewer condition quickly on your phone with blue-tooth. You can look into sewer lines, inspect and record manholes and tanks. Eliminates a confined space entry.






Sewer Rod Adapter

SRA-1   Sewer Rod Adapter







ST-PRO Stainless Camera Case

Stainless Camera Case easy to access. Push button openings allow easy operation of camera without having to open case.







Product Numbers:

ST-PRO-1     STANDARD COMPLETE KIT .............. $3,800.00

ST-10-12      SKID SET FOR 10-12" PIPE SIZE ........ $189.00

ST-15-18      SKID SET FOR 15"-18" PIPE SIZE ....... $225.00

SN-3/4 3/4"      REAR NOZZLE ....................... $165.00

SN-1/2 1/2"      REAR NOZZLE ....................... $150.00

SRA-1       SEWER ROD ADAPTER ..................... $150.00

FPA-1        FIBERGLASS POLE ADAPTER............... $125.00