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Product Highlight: Nozzle Extensions

Among our extensive line of Jetting & Vacuum tools are our ever popular Nozzle Extensions. We currently offer six different types of nozzle extensions, each featuring a distinct advantage. They are: Football Style Mini Football Style (New!) Four Finned Heavy Duty Tube Style Six Wire Green Coated (New!) Check out our video or read on to learn…

Hi-Torque Root Cutter Motor Kit

The Problem: Attacking heavily root-impacted sewer lines The Solution: Southland Tool's Hi-Torque Root Cutter Motor Kit, also known as the Industry Powerhouse This hi-torque hydraulic motor assembly features a three-rail skid, sized up for 8", with an 8" saw on the end. Check out our video: The Hi-Torque Root Cutter is the standard powerhouse in the industry.…

Product Highlight: Crown Nozzle Reducers

The Problem: You have to bend or squish the regular 8" crown on the end of your tube so it will fit into a 6" or 8" invert. The Solution: With our reduced crown nozzle you don't have to ruin your 8" crown. Save it! Southland Tool's crown is reduced to 5/5" and it will go…


You've got a problem. You don't have the space to lower your 8" suction tube down into the manhole while jetting. With a normal top manhole roller, the supports are parallel. What are you to do? You sure as heck can't go without a roller. Once you've experienced the convenience they offer, there's simply no…

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