Alternative Uses for the Scoopa

Products from Southland Tool are reliable, practical and long-lasting.

But growing numbers of sanitation workers are finding versatile uses for these tools to make their tasks easier and more convenient.

Take the Scoopa, for example.

Alternative Uses for the ScoopaSouthland Tool's "Scoopa”, from the Puma line of manhole extraction equipment, is a scoop that attaches to your fiberglass or wood poles. This is a strong, durable scoop that can lift anything you can fit into it.

The Scoopa is available in sizes ranging from 4” to 12”. The scoop is undersized by ½”, so that it fits nicely in the radius of the open invert at the bottom of the manhole. You can just place the scoopa in position and let material accumulate into the scoop.

While the Scoopa works perfectly when put into place at the bottom of a manhole, some alternative uses for the Scoopa make this tool a versatile element that fits comfortably in any sanitation worker’s toolkit.



Alternative Uses for the Scoopa

Let’s say you are jetting upstream, and the debris flow is coming downstream and into the Scoopa. When the Scoopa starts filling up, you can simply shut down the water flow and lift out the material while water escapes through the sides. Great! Another job done.

Now, let’s say you want to clean an invert trough with the Scoopa. Just drag it down the invert with your fiberglass pole. (Remember, if you are going to put some pressure on the pole in this way, it is better to buy steel reinforced poles.) Scoopas are great for lifting sand, grit, rock, bricks, or any other material out of the manhole or wet well.

Alternative Uses for the ScoopaAnother alternative is available for the Scoopa Screens, which keeps the flow from spilling over the back of the tool while containing the debris flow.

The Scoopa Screens have an expanded metal on the top rear portion of the scoopa, so that if the scoopa is in the line, water can flow over the top and debris will catch in the screen. These are favorites in the city of Seattle, Washington.

Every Scoopa and Scoopa Screen is made of hard steel alloy and zinc-coated for longevity.


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