Corrugated Pipe Roller

Sewer and sanitation industry professionals deserve the latest and most innovative equipment available today. Your gear should help you complete the tasks at hand in a safe, timely, and - hopefully - easy manner.

Southland Tool is dedicated to providing you with products that solve real problems in the field. For example, many sanitation workers are familiar with the dangers of scraping work hoses along the sharp steel edges of a corrugated drain pipe. Having to repair or replace these hoses is time consuming, frustrating and costly.

corrugated pipe roller Southland Tool sewer sanitation hoseThe corrugated pipe roller (right) is designed to protect your hose when you do not have direct access to a straight run into the corrugated pipe. Since this pipe is usually very sharp on the edges, it will tear up your tiger tails if you are not careful. This new item is shown in place on a 24-inch corrugated pipe, where it easily slips over the exposed pipe wall.

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The roller assembly attaches to the top of the pipe with four ¾-inch bolts that lock it into place. The hose goes around the top roller and down around the bottom roller, while the bolted assembly stays put on the pipe. This tool is constructed with heavy duty steel and includes Delrin rollers. It fits corrugated pipes 18 inches and larger.

The large rollers and simple assembly make the corrugated pipe roller a great addition to any sanitation worker's toolkit.

Corrugated Pipe Roller - Southland Tool

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