Fiberglass Pole Accessories – Part I

Southland Tool offers a wide range of fiberglass pole accessories and attachments for the sewer and sanitation industry. These tools are specifically designed to make your job easier and more efficient.

For product information on each of these fiberglass pole accessories, please click here to open our new 2015 product catalog.


Steel-Reinforced Threaded End Poles

Southland Tool fiberglass poles are available with steel reinforcement on the inside, and strong, threaded steel connections on each end for attachments and extension. Each pole is male at one end and female on the other. The connections are ¾“ thread, and will not break or become damaged during use.

As our strongest fiberglass pole, these durable Steel-Reinforced Threaded End Poles can stand up to a lot of torque and a lot of use.


Drop Manhole Bridge

Drop Manhole BridgeThe Drop Manhole Bridge, also known as the camera launcher, is a compact tray device that connects to the fiberglass pole and includes 25 feet of rope.

This system allows you to lower the bridge and the pole into the manhole and drop pipe using the rope. The rope will allow you to level the launching tray, and the fiberglass pole provides the means to slide the tray into the pipe.

At this point you can lower your camera or your jet nozzle on top of the tray, and go over the drop bridge and the down pipe. This is great for small cameras, such as 16-inch cameras, and any nozzle.

The Drop Manhole Bridge is available in 48” and 60” lengths, and can be fitted for 6” pipes and 8” pipes. They are available in kits with sets of fiberglass poles up to 24 feet.


Debris Basket

Southland Tool Debris Baskets, also known as debris catchers or grit catchers, are used by sewer and sanitation workers throughout the United States and around the world.

Debris Basket Fiberglass Pole Accessories Southland ToolThe debris catcher connects to the fiberglass pole system and lowers through the manhole into the invert. The basket articulates and rests in the pipe, allowing water flow to continue while catching sewer debris. When the basket is full, it is easy to pull out of the pipe and back up to the surface.

The Debris Baskets, like many Southland Tool devices, are designed to attach to our fiberglass poles. The baskets can be purchased with the poles as a kit, and are also available with a rope system up to 25′ in length.

We offer several different catcher options. The standard debris catcher uses a slotted surface to allow maximum flow while catching mid-sized and large pieces in the pipe. Another includes a solid “sand cover” on the bottom and the back to catch fine particles and grit.


Grease Log Chopper

Grease Log Chopper Fiberglass Pole AccessoriesThe Grease Log Chopper is another of Southland Tool’s fiberglass pole accessories. This attachment has curved sides that allow you to scoop material in the invert, and has a sharpened edge that helps to chop up grease logs and blockage.





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