Gopher Skids For Hydraulic Root Cutter Systems

New Product Announcement: Gopher Skids

gofer skids for hydraulic root cutter

By popular demand, Southland Tool now offers our “Gopher Type” skid for hydraulic root cutters.  These skids have a screw-on rear tail nozzle that allows them to fit snugly against the hydraulic root cutter motor.  They have a front circular stabilizer ring and rear lock down collar for added stability when attacking heavily root-impacted sewer lines.

Like all our products, these Gopher Skids are built to last. They are available in 6” to 15” sizes and are plated for long life and corrosion protection.  These skids work in conjunction with the PVC Tap Cutter, Diamond Tap Cutter, Arrow Diamond Tipped Cutter, Carbide tip blades, and our Puma Hydraulic Root Cutter.

Southland Tool provides innovative products, unmatched service, and an iron-clad warranty on its products. We ship on time so you get your tools when you need them, and we are happy to oblige special requests and design modifications to accommodate our customers’ unique needs.

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