Hi-Torque Root Cutter Motor Kit

The Problem: Attacking heavily root-impacted sewer lines

The Solution: Southland Tool's Hi-Torque Root Cutter Motor Kit, also known as the Industry Powerhouse

This hi-torque hydraulic motor assembly features a three-rail skid, sized up for 8", with an 8" saw on the end.

Check out our video:

The Hi-Torque Root Cutter is the standard powerhouse in the industry. Its high-torque, variable speed motor generates the power to chew up and spit out roots, ensuring fast and efficient cutting with little water usage. It's a contractor's dream, because this bad boy gnaws at, cuts, and yanks those roots out to completely clear the sewer line in no time.

The Hi-Torque motor produces more than 225 ft/lbs of torque. It's available in a kit with 3 or 4 saws, or alone as just the motor.Hi-Torque Hydraulic Root Cutter Motor Kit


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