How Our Tools Reduce Wear and Tear

You're out in the field, doing grueling work day after day. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it, right? Well, we at Southland Tool are so grateful for your hard work, we dedicate our lives to making your job easier.

Here are just some of the ways our tools reduce wear and tear on pipes, tools, and field technicians themselves.

How Our Tools Reduce Wear and Tear

1. Our products are built to last.

Talk about heavy duty! All of Southland Tool's products are manufactured right here in our Anaheim, California warehouse using only the highest quality materials and industrial grade components, with rigid testing and quality control processes. Our products are engineered for strength, durability, safety, and ease of use.

Take, for example, our Hi-Torque Root Cutter Motor Kit. Known as the "industry powerhouse," this bad boy will eat through the toughest roots like nobody's business. You'll be amazed at how much this tool can withstand. This is just one example of the durability of a Southland Tool product. Check out our other jetting & vacuum tools!

2. Our products are customizable.

We have created a number of tools for very detailed needs and problems encountered in the field. At Southland Tool, we don't believe in cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all tools. We also don't believe in band-aid solutions. Literally every one of our products is built intentionally with a specific purpose in mind, a specific problem to solve.

Different pipe sizes, different depths corrugated pipes, lined pipes, root-impacted sewer lines, pipes filled with debris or sand - you name it, there's a Southland Tool for that.

For instance, we currently offer 7 different Nozzle Extensions depending on your needs on the job. Who needs 7 different nozzle extensions? You do!

We are innovators, making a product for each need that is easy to use AND easy to store on your truck. We also offer accessories and complimentary products that pair well together and will reduce wear and tear on the products themselves.

And think about this: The more easily you are able to swap out tools for other ones that are better tailored to each unique job, the less often you'll be use the same one over and over again. This lack of overuse (or misuse) will significantly extend the life of the tool.

Don't see a size or style you need? Let us know and we'll make it for you!

3. They're easy on you.

As we said, you've got a tough job. What you do is manual labor at its finest. You're a hard-working citizen, striving to keep your city clean and in good working order. To show our appreciation for your back-breaking labor, we are constantly creating tools that will make your life easier. We're practically pampering you with this stuff!

Though our tools are manufactured with a specific purpose in mind, we are also aware of the limited amount of space on your truck. The fewer tools needed to accomplish the job, the better! We create all our products for hassle-free and compact storage on your truck. And several of our tools are multi-purpose in nature, minimizing the need for a huge inventory to keep track of.

Keep your truck organized, clutter-free, and SAFE by having the best quality tools to accomplish the job in the shortest amount of time. Contact Southland Tool for any questions about our products!

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