Idaho Sewer Workers Discover Lost Diamond Ring

Like most people, we at Southland Tool are always happy to share good news. We are especially proud of this story because the Vac-Trap, invented by our owner David Pryor, was used by City of Kuna, Idaho sewer workers in their sewer maintenance, during which they recovered a woman’s long lost diamond wedding ring.

We would like to thank the dealers who sell our sewer tools to the City of Kuna: Mike Price and Ray Smith of MetroQuip in Meridian, Idaho.

In Kuna, Idaho, a woman named Mechelle Rieger accidentally flushed her diamond wedding ring down the toilet. She was devastated. Her husband did everything he could to recover the ring, but to no avail.

A year and a half later, two City of Kuna sewer workers performing routine maintenance recovered the ring. Having no idea whose it was or how long it had been there, they turned the ring into the Mayor’s office. One the ring’s discovery hit the newsstands, people called in from all over the country attempting to claim it.

Mrs. Rieger heard of the ring’s recovery from a friend and was elated. She located some paperwork from Simmons Jewelry where she had the ring custom made and appraised and took it to Kuna City Hall early the next morning to claim her long lost wedding ring.

Obviously Mrs. Rieger and her husband were happy to have her precious wedding ring back. The City of Kuna staff was delighted to celebrate with her as well. A few months later, Mr. and Mrs. Rieger celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary – what a great way to kick off the celebration!

Southland Tool congratulates the City of Kuna workers who recovered the ring, and also Mrs. Rieger for getting her wedding ring back. Check out the article, as well as pictures of Southland Tool’s equipment by clicking here.

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