Increase Sales with Southland Tool’s Demo Package

Dealers: Ready to increase your sales?

Introducing Southland Tool's Exclusive Demo Package!

We at Southland Tool are very grateful for our dealers. We want to treat you right, and help you do the best job for your customers. Because when you win, we win too!

We created the Demo Package to help you better serve your customers and increase sales. Have it on hand, ready to show to your clients either in the field or at your point of sale.

Our Demo Package contains 8 PUMA tools - standard tools that every one of your customers must have for all their sewer cleaning jobs.

We offer the Demo Kit at a discounted price to our dealers, and it comes with:

  • FREE freight
  • Aluminum stand to prominently display the tools
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee! (We are so confident that you'll use this and even sell it, but should you decide it doesn't work for you, return it for your money back!)

The Demo Package includes the following 8 must-have tools (plus the display stand) for ALL your customers:

  • Aluminum Stand with 6' Fiberglass Poles (STD-6)
  • Grabber Claw (Pole Claw)
  • Hose Grabber (HG-1)
  • Grease Log Chopper (LC-9)
  • Hose Guide Roller Grabber (HGR-1)
  • Camera Hook (CAM-1)
  • 9" Sewer Spoon (PS-1)
  • 4-Pronged Debris Grabber (4PG-1)
  • 8-inch Debris Basket (DB-8)

View the details of each product here:

Use it again and again, or sell it (because we know your customers will love it) and call us for a replacement! This is seriously a win-win situation.

Give us a call to order yours today!

(714) 632-8198

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