New Product: Lower Manhole Easement Roller

What do you do when you have a job that is impossible to accomplish?

Hopefully you've learned by now to just call Southland Tool. Because if it can be done, we're doing it. And if it can't be done, well...we're also doing it.

We boldly go where no sewer tool has gone before. Before you say we're going overboard, read on and see if you don't agree.

We are proud to introduce a new item to our sewer jetting line that solves a problem that can otherwise be impossible to tackle. (And also pretty stoked to watch you become a sewer jetting superstar.)

Imagine an easement that is impossible to get to - on a hill, on a cliff, on rough terrain - anywhere you can't get to the manhole with your truck, or even where you can't drag your hose to it.

Our lower manhole easement roller allows you to change the direction of your hose at the bottom of a manhole.

Let's say you are jetting from an accessible manhole and you want to go up the easement line. Just attach the easement roller to your poles. It has a fork on one side to pick up the hose, and a support arm to keep it firmly in place against the lip of the invert wall. Once in place, the hose goes right around the roller and up that previously inaccessible line.

Then stand proudly while your coworkers bask in the glow of your supreme awesomeness.

Check out this video to see the easement roller in action:

Yet another product from Southland Tool that solves a problem encountered by a user in the field. BOOM!

Part No. LMER-1

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