You've got a problem.

You don't have the space to lower your 8" suction tube down into the manhole while jetting. With a normal top manhole roller, the supports are parallel. What are you to do? You sure as heck can't go without a roller. Once you've experienced the convenience they offer, there's simply no going back.

(We know, we've spoiled you.)

The Y Roller has the support arms in the shape of a "Y," allowing you to use that open space to insert your 8" vacuum tube. Problem solved. BAM.

The Upper Manhole "Y" Roller from Southland Tool allows you to insert your suction tube into the manhole along with the hose guide roller. The space created by the "Y" (hence the name) frees up the space that a normal top manhole roller uses to support itself.

Made from aluminum, the Y Roller is lightweight and very strong. The roller itself is made of Delrin, which is the same material used to make football helmets. While we don't recommend putting the Y Roller on your head, we are certain you will quickly discover its super strength and durability during your next jetting job.

Upper Manhole Y Roller

Part No. SAYR-1

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