Product Highlight: Carbide Tipped Concave Root Saws

This week we are highlighting our Carbide Tipped Concave Root Saws.

Check out our video:

These saws are super strong and sharp, perfect where continuous use is required to cut through tough grease and stubborn roots. Every 5th tooth on the front and every 10th tooth on the back has a carbide tooth welded to the root saw that will decimate that grease and tear those roots to shreds.

Not to worry, though - the carbide teeth won't break off: The bond we use to adhere those bad boys to the root saw is even stronger than the steel it's welded to.

For the most aggressive cutting with our Hydraulic Root Cutter, we recommend the Carbide Tipped Root Saw.


Read more about the Carbide Tipped Root Saws here.

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