Product Highlight: Crown Nozzle Reducers

The Problem: You have to bend or squish the regular 8" crown on the end of your tube so it will fit into a 6" or 8" invert.

The Solution: With our reduced crown nozzle you don't have to ruin your 8" crown. Save it! Southland Tool's crown is reduced to 5/5" and it will go right into the 6" or 8" invert and suck up all the debris in the trough.

Southland Tool offers two Crown Nozzle Reducers. Both serve the same purpose and are equally awesome. Both provide the ability to use your 8" suction tube and have a reduced crown on the end. Here are the two types of crown nozzle reducers we offer:


The RCN-8 is 8" in diameter and 3 feet long and it tapers down to a 5.5" crown opening. It's perfect if you need the extension.

extended crown nozzle reducer


The RCN-8SS is just 12" long overall. It's really easy to store on your truck.

Crown Nozzle Reducer 8SS

Either way, you save having to squish your 8" tube. Proving, once again, that Southland Tool is about innovation, problem-solving, and making YOUR life easier. No need to thank us, it's what we do.

Contact Southland Tool to purchase your Crown Nozzle Reducers today!

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