Product Highlight: Nozzle Extensions

Among our extensive line of Jetting & Vacuum tools are our ever popular Nozzle Extensions. We currently offer six different types of nozzle extensions, each featuring a distinct advantage. They are:

Check out our video or read on to learn more about our nozzle extensions:

Football Style Nozzle Extension

The football style nozzle extension is designed to allow the nozzle to tip and go over small offsets as it goes through the sewer line. It's available for 1/2", 3/4", and 1" hoses, and pipes sized 4" to 12".


Mini Football Style Nozzle Extension (New!)

One of our new products is the very short 3/8" and 1/2" football style nozzle extension. They are only 8" long and are ideal for the small machine in smaller lines, as they weigh less and are shorter to get around bends.


Four Finned Nozzle Extension

The four finned nozzle extension is 4x1". The fins keep the nozzle centered in the pipe. The four finned nozzle extension has holes in the fins, making it more lightweight and easier to grab when it gets back into the manhole.


Heavy Duty Tube Style Nozzle Extension

The heavy duty tube style nozzle extension is made from strong, durable solid steel and weighs about 15 lbs. It is designed to keep the nozzle at the bottom of the pipe (in the debris flow) at all times.


Six Wire Nozzle Extension

The six wire nozzle extension is 6x1". It provides great coverage and keeps the nozzle centered going down the pipe. It's available for 1/2", 3/4", and 1" hoses, and pipes sized 4" to 20".


Green Coated Nozzle Extension (New!)

The green coated nozzle extensions are ideal for lined pipes when you want to protect the liner. They are covered with a special 3m product which is a specially formulated fusion-bonded epoxy, blended with quartz silica.

It has a high durometer that is resistant to many chemicals and goes down the line smoothly. It resists H2S, Benzene, Carbon Disulfide, Ethane, Methane, and more. The added coating protects the tool and the lining will not be scraped or scarred.

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