Product Highlight: The Pook

The Ultimate Manhole Hook - the Pook

As always, Southland Tool is dedicated to providing the most innovative, creative sewer tools to address all your needs.

We are always brainstorming new products and ways to improve on the old ones - and we listen to our customers. As you inform us of problems and challenges you have, we put our noses to the grindstone to solve those problems, helping you work more efficiently and making your job easier overall.

This week's product highlight is about the Pook - or, as we like to call it, the Ultimate Manhole Hook. It is a patented product, and it is THE BEST. Definitely a must-have for everyone in the sewer and waste water cleaning industries.

What is the Pook?

Check out our video to learn about the Pook:

The Pook is a super strong, heavy duty pick and manhole hook. The hardened steel head has a pick on one end to dislodge asphalt that may have been poured around the rim of the manhole cover, and a hook on the other end, which goes into the hole of the manhole rim. Having the pick on the other side provides leverage as you lift the manhole cover off.

A solid block of steel serves as the support base for the 3/4" round handle. The triangle hand grip at the top is smooth and easy to grab. The Pook is heat-treated, so it will not bend. After the hardening process is complete, the Pook is power coated in Safety Orange. This product is patented.

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If there's something we haven't thought of yet, tell us! We are constantly expanding our product line to make YOUR life easier. Contact us with any questions you may have.

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