The Best Debris Catcher for Sewer Jetting and Vacuuming

We've said it a billion times before...but that doesn't make it any less true:

Southland Tool is all about making your job easier. That means our products save you money AND time. You can work more efficiently, use less water and energy, save yourself repeat trips to do the same job, and go home at the end of the day with a smile on your face and a hop in your step.

Here's yet another Southland Tool product, Patent-Pending, invented by the sewer tool mastermind David Pryor, Owner of Southland Tool.

Introducing... (drumroll, please)


This product is the best Debris Catcher for sewer jetting and vacuuming. Far and away more beautiful than any other Debris-Catcher you've ever laid eyes on, and more fulfilling than you've ever dreamed of. (Don't lie, we know you dream about sewer tools.)

Check out our Vac-Trap video here:

Chances are, you have sucked up a lot of water while vacuuming with a crown nozzle. So although it may be adept at removing debris, you're most likely removing a LOT of water at the same time.

Our Vac-Trap keeps the water in the sewer line - where it belongs - and removes just the debris.

The Problem

When you're vacuuming debris from the sewer, you're usually using a crown nozzle elevated above the flow on the downstream side of the invert. While this is the accepted way of suctioning debris in the industry, it also means you remove a great deal of water from the sewer line. That requires you to either decant or dump the water along with the debris.

Decanting takes time - IF you have the setup - and dumping water along with debris is expensive and inefficient.

The Solution

The Vac-Trap allows you to keep the water in the sewer where it belongs. Just clamp the correctly sized Vac-Trap to the end of your suction tube and lower it into the invert. The sewer debris flows through it and traps the debris. You don’t even have to run your PD or fan - just let the trap do its work!

Once the trap is full and you see the water start to back up, simply vacuum the trap clean. And you're ready to start again!

The Vac-trap pays for itself in just a few uses. Think of the savings of not having to run your suction pump continuously, and not having to decant or dump. Now you can fill your tank with 80% debris and 20% water.

Learn more about the Vac-Trap here, and contact us to place your order today! YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT!

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