We Take Requests! Give Us Your Problem and We Will Solve It

One thing that sets us apart here at Southland Tool is our willingness - and ability - to work with our customers to give them exactly what they need. Fortunately most of our tools get the job done without any modifications - but sometimes a customer comes to us with a unique problem, and we are faced with a choice: either turn them away because our product doesn't help, and risk losing a customer for life - OR put in the extra work to create a product that solves our customer's problem.

Guess what: We choose the second option every time. We are happy to adapt our products to solve our customers' problems. (We love a good challenge.)

Because our owner, David Pryor, has been in this industry for...well, ever, and because he happens to be an innovator, and because our company is built on innovation, creative solutions, quality products, and amazing customer service, special requests are no biggie for Southland Tool.

Allow us to give you an example:

Our Carbide Toothed Concave Saw is a heavy duty saw made to endure continuous use in situations where aggressive and tough cutting and ripping is needed.

Carbide Toothed Concave Saw

It is made with carbide teeth on every 5th tooth on the cutting edge going in and every 10th tooth on the backside of the saw.

  • For customers who required more outside diameter of the saw, we modified it to have the carbide teeth positioned on the outside of the saw.
  • For customers who needed better clearance with the product, we adapted the saw to have the carbide teeth on the inside of the saw.

That is just one way we have been able to adjust our products to serve our customers' needs. We are constantly adjusting and adapting our products - and creating new ones - to solve all the issues municipalities face with regard to sewer cleaning, maintenance, and repair.

If you have a special request, give us a call - we'd love to discuss how we can help you. (714) 632-8198 

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