What’s Your Problem?

Don't deny it...we know you've got problems.

It's the Holiday Season. You're rushing around, fighting traffic and spending way too much money to find the perfect gifts for all the special people in your life. Your in-laws are coming for a visit, the kids are whining, and you haven't even put lights on the house yet.

Lucky for you, you don't have to have problems with your sewer rodding, jetting & vacuum, or manhole extraction equipment any longer. Consider it our Christmas present to you.

Here's a recap of some common problems you have likely experienced at one time or another, and how Southland Tool solves them.


Problem #1:

You're a dealer and you need a quicker, easier way to make sales.

Solution: The Southland Tool Demo Kit. Free freight, sold for a discount to dealers, and fully guaranteed to sell or your money back.


Problem #2:

You have to bend or squish the regular 8″ crown on the end of your tube so it will fit into a 6″ or 8″ invert.

Solution: Our Crown Nozzle Reducers are reduced to 5/5″ and will go right into the 6″ or 8″ invert and suck up all the debris in the trough - no squishing required.


Problem #3:

Heavily root-impacted sewer lines. Ain't nothin' gettin' through those evil things.

Solution: Southland Tool's Hi-Torque Root Cutter Motor Kit, also known as the Industry Powerhouse. It chews up and spits out roots like it was nothing.


Problem #4:

Keeping your nozzle centered in the pipe, getting it over offsets and around bends, keeping it in the debris flow at all times, etc.

Solution: Our Nozzle Extensions are designed to solve any nozzle challenge you may have. Six different styles to choose from.


Problem #5:

There's no space to lower your 8″ suction tube down into the manhole while jetting.

Solution: The Upper Manhole “Y” Roller allows you to insert your suction tube into the manhole along with the hose guide roller.


Problem #6:

An easement that is impossible to get to – on a hill, on a cliff, on rough terrain – anywhere you can’t get to the manhole with your truck, or even where you can’t drag your hose to it.

Solution: Our Lower Manhole Easement Roller allows you to change the direction of your hose at the bottom of a manhole.


Problem #7:

Hoses tearing when scraped against very sharp steel corrugated drain pipe.

Solution: Our Articulating Roller Guide can “bend” over the corrugated pipe and provide a smooth and wide radius bend for your hose as it makes its way from up top, around the bend, and down the line.


Problem #8:

When vacuuming debris from the sewer, you remove a lot of water from the sewer line, requiring you to either decant or dump the water along with the debris, which is expensive and inefficient.

Solution: Our Vac-Trap (patent pending) keeps the water in the sewer line – where it belongs – and removes just the debris.


As you can see, Southland Tool is working hard to create viable solutions to all your needs, making your job easier and your life happier. We're a lot like Santa's Workshop.

As for the rest of your problems? Umm...We'll stick to what we're good at.

Happy Holidays!

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