FOGS Nozzle

FOGS Nozzle



This portable suction nozzle is the better and safer way to remove Fats, Oils, Grease and Scum (F.O.G.S.)  from tanks and other similar storage containers.

This patent pending nozzle comes is 2”, 3” or 4” sizes and it connects directly to your suction hose by way of a female Camlock fitting.


  1. A quicker and easier way to remove the layer of scum and sludge on the surface or on the bottom of tanks used in wastewater treatment plants.
  2. Dual lateral handles with a non-slip sleeve provide a comfortable and secure hold on the suction without slippage.
  3. Allow for safe ridgid control of the suction tube by the operator.   Now the suction point of entry is control by the operator.
  4.  Saves time and effort during the removal process. Operator con use the suction tube to scrape material form the tank.
  5. Can be used at water treatment facilities, restaurant grease traps, portable toilet use, spill cleanup on land or in the ocean.


Additional Information:

  1. Made of durable material, Aluminum, schedule 80 PVC, black rubber and zinc plated bolts.
  2. Nozzle lengths can vary are easily unscrewed form the handle.    3’, 4’, 6’ and 8’ available.


Click here to read the FOGS Nozzle Specification Sheet