No. 5 Hex coupling Plumbers rod
No.5 Plumbers Rods. Hex Coupling and ¼” x...

No.5 Plumbers Rods. Hex Coupling and ¼” x...



This is your standard No. 5 Hex coupling Plumbers rod. These have been used for more than 60 years. They are silver coated and are made of the finest spring steel for long life and flexibility. They are ¼” in diameter and 6 feet long. They are also called “lateral” cleaning rods as they are great to clean lines from the house to the street. A plumber or homeowner will benefit greatly from having these rods and keeping them in the garage on the truck. These are the quickest, most economical and easiest way to unblock your sewer lines. Great in lines from 2” to 6”. Please check out the additional cleaning tools and accessories in the no. 5 line that include all the coiled spring tools for increased flexibility and torque. Also available are the sets that include rods, tools and a carrying reel for lines up to 120 feet long! Just think, buying only 20 rods and you can clean to 120 feet.

duct Number : P5-13